Automatic Re-Supply Program 

Your trusty CPAP heroes aren't just here to make your nights easier. We'll make your days easier, too. Our Automatic Re-Supply program will take your mind off the details while keeping you freshly stocked with replacement supplies delivered with valor to your door, our chain mail rattling in the wind, silken hair settling in a perfect coif above our slightly misted brows.

We'd do that for you.

So sign up now. All you have to do is fill out the form below. All we have to do is send you fresh supplies every 90 days (or as your insurance allows).

Your fresh supplies would include the following:

  • Cushions/Pillows

  • Tubing

  • Disposable Filters

  • Reusable Filter

  • Mask

  • Chin Strap

We will also contact you via email or phone call, 4 - 14 business days before your orders ships to let you know your supplies are coming.  If your insurance or doctor has changed or you just need to make a last minute adjustment, you can call or email us at

Your Health Care Professional Recommends You Routinely Replace your Supplies:

  • Mask, every 90 days or per insurance allowable

  • Full face cushion, every month or per insurance allowable

  • Nasal cushion/pillow every 2 weeks or per insurance allowable (it touches your nose!)

  • Disposable filters, every 2 weeks or per insurance allowable

  • Tubing, every 90 days or per insurance allowable

  • Non-disposable filter, every 6 months or per insurance allowable

Join The Automatic Re-Supply Program

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Notification Method (Check All You Will) We will contact you 4-14 days before your order to remind you to adjust or delay it if needed. If we do not hear back from you, we will ship your order on the 91st day or the insurance recommended frequency. All shipment will be processed and shipped on the following business day according to insurance guidelines.
Supplies Agreement *
Full Order Agreement which includes the maximum allowed by your insurance of the following items which has to be agreed tow if wanting to be signed up on the Auto-Reorder Replacement Program with Metro-Med: -Mask and Headgear -Full Face Mask Cushion -Nasal Mask Cushion/Pillow -6-Foot Tubing/Hose -Non-Disposable Filter -Disposable Allergy Filters -Chin Strap for Nasal Mask
Would You Like to Try a New Mask? *
We can send you a new mask to try out, we have a few new masks that we just started to carry and would love for you to try them out! Just select "Yes" below and we can send it to you with your order. If not, simply select "No" and we will send your normal mask.
Agree To Join RRP *
By clicking below you agree to join the Metro-Med Routine Replacement Program to routinely receive your CPAP resupply on a routine basis according to your insurance guidelines. You understand that any deductibles or copayments are still to be made by the patient.