Licensed Respiratory Therapist

  • Medicare billing

  • Medi-Cal/ Caloptima billing

  • Secondary insurance billing

  • Insurance verification prior to delivery of equipment

  • Saturday Delivery

  • Multilingual representatives - Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Armenian (available Mon-Fri)

  • One-on-one CPAP/ BiLevel set-up with our Licensed Respiratory Therapist

  • 24 hour emergency service 7 days per week

  • Overnight pulse oximetry at no charge

  • Private "sleep" set-up office for patient confidentiality

  • Technical support for DME products

  • COPD/ Respiratory Services

  • CPAP/ BiLevel (PAP) Program:

    Once the initial order is received, a faxed confirmation is sent to the referral source. Patients will then be schedule to be set-up by our Licensed Respiratory Therapist (RT). Once the set-up is complete the MD will get a copy of our "sleep referral set-up confirmation" via fax. Our program also includes a 3rd day phone follow-up. 3 months following the initial set-up, patients are contacted via phone to check compliance with MD orders, check if supplies are needed, and report back to the MD upon direction/request. Patients are contacted by our office every 3 months while on service with Metro-Med to see if equipment needs to be checked and/or serviced and to be provided new supplies.